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The Truth About You is perfect for personal use and as a job
placement and performance review tool. Its concise format serves as a
resource for HR and business leaders to acquire, retain and help Gen Y
employees (30 years of age or younger) develop a work life that plays
to their strengths.

Marcus Buckingham, the world’s leading expert on career success,
presents a revolutionary message in his new book, The Truth About You.
Marcus challenges much of what you’ve been taught and empowers you to
enjoy higher satisfaction and performance in life and work . You will
find true career direction, capitalize on your uniqueness, and create a
work life that plays to your strengths. This book also includes a
powerful DVD film from Marcus and an incredible self-realization tool
called a ReMemo Pad.

Discover new understanding and excitement in life and give everyone the best you have to offer…The Truth About You.

Está tan bueno… que decidí promoverlo como que si me fuera a ganar una comisión!…

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