Todos los lunes 7:15 PM. ArteCine Lindora.

Entrada libre. Invitación abierta. Video Charlas en Inglés.

Pensadas y diseñadas para gente que no gusta de la iglesia.

Listen and Learn: 7, 14 y 21 de Junio próximos.

What and who you listen to will influence what you do. Sounds like advice you might give your kids or a younger brother. But this is sound advice for kids of all ages. Let’s face it . . . your life has been defined by the voices you’ve chosen to tune in, as well as those you’ve opted to tune out.

All of us wish we could go back and dial up certain voices in our lives. And if we could go back, there are voices we would tune out altogether. But we can’t go back. What we can do, however, is listen with greater discernment NOW.

In this engaging, 3-part series, learn about the 3 primary voices we should tune in. Message titles: “Listen Carefully,” “Listen Here,” and “Listen Up.”

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