Ignoring the Cannes Lions is like Burying Our Heads in the Sand

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Festival Internacional de la Creatividad Cannes

An Event You Can’t Ignore

In our country, the region and around the world, most professionals are unfamiliar with Cannes Lions. This is either because they do not know that it exists or because they have the wrong idea about what this summit of creativity and innovation is all about.

Whatever the reason, ignoring Cannes Lions is like burying our head in the sand. It doesn’t matter how deep of a hole we choose to stick our heads into, the world will carry on down its dizzying path of transformation, innovation, renewal, and creation. This is true for the veterinarian and the lawyer, the businesswoman, and the messenger.

Mediocrity is the most contagious of all diseases. It is sourced from passivity, conformity, apathy, inactivity, and laziness among other factors like indifference, individualism, arrogance, displeasure, and clumsiness. This is the condition of someone who becomes stagnant or loses ground.

Recognizing Excellence

excellenceExcellence, on the other hand, is entirely the opposite. It leads to the outstanding, the extraordinary, and the type of quality that deserves high levels of esteem and acknowledgment. It is obtained with tenacity, talent, technology, tolerance, and transparency, within a team inspired only by the best. The quest for excellence is typical of those who work to exceed themselves and push forward.

In this regard, if we ignore the gray areas for a moment, the choice we make lies between mediocrity or excellence. Cannes Lions celebrates the latter, the great and most daring, within a framework of the latest developments, revolutionary thinking, and awareness of our responsibilities.

I invite you to inject its influence into the fiber of your being and your ecosystem. I can vouch for the fact that it is a good idea which, maintained over time, yields ever-growing benefits. It’s like quenching your thirst at a fresh, pure spring of water filled with life.

The following is a series of summaries published from day four to the final day. The previous publication contains the summaries from the first three days, and you can find this and much more on the Cannes Lions YouTube Channel.

In my opinion, there is no greater motivation than that of a challenge conquered. Cannes Lions is, therefore, in and of itself, a challenge of monumental proportions, whose influence will continue to serve as inspiration. Make it yours!creativity & innovation

May your next project be extraordinary.

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