Migrating Tribe

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Tribu en Honduras y El Salvador

A Story of Evolution

Some 28 years ago, I began what today is known as a startup, loaded with technology, creativity, and dreams, amid the challenges involved in carving our place among 50 advertising agencies.

From a room in my parents’ house where we installed a couple of Macintoshes, a laser printer and all the necessary hormones for liftoff, what we know today as Tribu (Tribe), is the result of a long journey and constant migration.

We have been, are, and will continue to be nomads in the evolution of time, with our sights set on life and getting our brands to contribute and make a world of difference.

We migrated from brands to trust-marks to love-marks and now life-marks. That is why it is no surprise that we have chosen a new partner whose focus is all encompassed in creating and maintaining brands with meaning. This is how the best results are obtained.

TribeWe intentionally migrated from our previous name, office space, from one startup to another, and from a focus on transactions to one of the relationships. We migrated from a traditional brand to a distinctive one, from the established to the convergent, from yellow to red, from the familiar to the fascinating world of the unexplored.

We continue to migrate, as two constants must remain among universal principles and solid values: change and the value that we bring. Either we are the first to give our clients what they never imagined to be possible, or someone else will soon come along to do so.

Start Your Own Migration

Within your life, company or institution, your agency or department, your personal project, your family or home, your practice or firm, your business or next career path, we are excited to think we could inspire your own migration.

In a country where the traditional, conservative and familiar is often accepted as the safest route, we propose migrating towards the best. We propose creating tribes of go-getters everywhere. We have learned that the greatest risk lies precisely in not taking risks.

That is what Tribu is in our case. We believe in intentional migration as a life choice for you and your organization, be it the country or the person. That is why we choose and invite you to a constant state of evolution, proactivity, and determination to shape your future and own your journey.

Want to migrate together?

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