What Would the World be Without Creativity?

Young Lions Competition

The Importance of Creativity

Have you ever asked yourself this question? In my case, I must confess that I have not, despite decades of living an activity that is, at its very essence, creative -business, brands, and advertising. Maybe it’s because a fish is always the last to become aware of the water.

Without creativity, we would not have innovation, entertainment would be dull, imagination would live in a desert, and everything would simply be nothing. Without creativity, we would cease to be human, gunpowder would always be wet, and not a single spark would go off in the universe.

Fish Will be the Last to Discover Water

Without creativity, nature would be dead and, I guarantee it, so would you. For this reason, and without further explanation, I believe that greater creativity leads to greater life, greater innovation leads to greater progress, greater risks lead to greater rewards.

That is why every year, I celebrate the arrival of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It involves everyone in every corner of the world. It is the most important planetary concentration involving the most creative, bravest, most evolved and positive work.

The most important companies in the world, both global and local, can be found at Cannes Lions, along with their brands, products and services, the world’s advertising agencies and all their adjacent enterprises, innovators, and all forms of commercial creative expression. Even non-profits are present.

For those of us who are convinced that private companies are the ones that make the world turn, we know that this is where the most inspiring ideas are celebrated, and the most influential movements are born. For this reason, the price for ignoring what goes on at the Cannes Lions is indeed steep, whether your enterprise is a pharmacy, being a professional, a popsicle factory, or a supermarket chain.

Around 15,000 people from over 100 countries attend. And yet, today, it can all be experienced through your screen. I invite you to explore the improvement opportunities Cannes Lions offers through live broadcasts, as well as the extensive archive of ideas shared through all networks and channels. It’s all at your fingertips. Cannes is all yours, all there for you and your own immense, wonderful creativity.

Costa Rica will be present during the next festival, not only with delegates in Cannes itself but also competing with at least 90 entries from 11 national companies. There will also be five young duos at the Young Lions Competition.

Creativity, just as the air you breathe, is yours. Inject creativity into everything you do. Do it with absolute certainty and confidence. This is not a gift held by merely a few, it is also yours; it is an attitude, a process, a personal conviction.

We will further discuss this and more.


The Comunidad de Empresas de Comunicación de Costa Rica (Community of Communications Enterprises of Costa Rica) is the official representative of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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