Welcome to my humble corner of the Internet, a place where I can happily tap away at my Mac keyboard and write from the heart and soul.

This blog is home to memories, ideas and reflections and serves as a photo album and treasure trove of experiences. I believe in the power of words and the importance of collecting experiences and memories.  

Since 2005, I’ve written on the Slow Burn blog about whatever topic or concern has most interested me. I’ve decided to get back into writing because I’m excited by creativity and its power to transform, especially in a world that’s constantly demanding you to think outside the box and be innovative.

To whomever is reading this, it’s great to have you here! Without further ado, please feel free to check out the rest of my blog.


Jorge Oller y Alex
Alexandra and Jorge Oller

Trees are standing people. Great friends.
// Los árboles son personas de pie.

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What will the world be like?

¿Y cómo será el mundo después?

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The slow burn. You’re always invited.//
A fuego lento. Invitados a explorar.


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Dream. Think. Do. Celebrate! Let go.

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Ties? None. Younger? No. Passionate? Always.

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Forever holding my hand. Loving. Brave.
// Siempre sosteniendo mi mano. Amorosa. Valiente.
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42 birthdays together. And counting!
🤗🥳😘 #happybirthday ##felizcumpleaños
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A lifetime ahead. Nothing is impossible. //
Una vida adelante. Nada es imposible.
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Dreaming moonshot of patience and faith. //
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“I can’t breath” —haunting last words.

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Long time no see, my friend.

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Finally celebrating the sweetest victory lap.
// Finalmente celebro mi vuelta olímpica personal.
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Sweet and beautiful. Colorful and fun.
#sixwordstory #sixwordstories

The art of letting go... forward!
// El arte del desapego hacia adelante.
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🇬🇧 My love. My life. My meaning. 🇪🇸 Mi amor. Mi vida. Mi significado.
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Hey. What are you looking at?
#sixwordstory #sixwordstories #yolo

Dozens of dolphins greeted and played.
Docenas de delfines saludaron y jugamos.
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Explore and wonder. Creates unforgettable joy. // Exploración y asombro. Crear gozo inolvidable.
#sixwordstory #sixwordstories #grandpa #abueleando

Power. A thin line is enough.
// Poder. Una línea sutil es suficiente.
#sixwordstory #sixwordstories #soyparagon #beaparagon

Iluminación siempre. Después de Dios, diseño. //
Illumination always. After God, design everything.
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Class of 2018. Georgetown University / Esade & Incae Business School

Life in a tribe

Since my very first years at McCann-Erickson in Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico, up until my final years in the global ‘tribes’ of Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB, Cannes Lions and Havas, I’ve learned that life is much better when it’s shared with good company.

It’s therefore no coincidence that I founded Tribu more than 30 years ago. An advertising agency and regional brand at its core, Tribu has also been a magical and challenging adventure. Together, the team and I have learned that the one vision uniting us is love and a collaborative spirit.  

I’ve enjoyed working in different ‘tribes’ through the years and alongside my friends at Georgetown, INCAE Business School and the Latin American Creative Council. I’ve made plenty of memories with different people and this blog offers up a great place to celebrate them. Like a slow burning flame, my plan is to talk about them gradually, showcasing them little by little. 

I’ve come to realise that we’re all part of a tribe – my favourite one naturally being my family.

It’s difficult to put into words how much I love spending my life with Alex, my wife, and my children, Santiago and Adriana – not forgetting my son-in-law, Ignacio, my daughter-in-law Stephanie and my grandchildren, Mauricio, Gaston and Rafael. Along with my mother Mayra, my aunt Errolyn and my brother Carlos, these wonderful people are my primary tribe.  

Of course, I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of other tribes too – like my close friends or those involved with the Openhouse Project. Plus, I can’t forget the teams at Cannes Lions, the Methodist School and St Francis College, as well as the Comunidad for Business Communication (previously known as ASCAP), the INCAE Maex XII and DSQ.  

Without a doubt, I’d say that life spent in the company of positive groups of people is definitely something to strive for.

On the voyage of life

Everything we do in life echoes; everything has consequences and a particular outcome or result. I liken it to the idea of harvesting: you reap what you sow.

Maximus Decimus Meridius in the film Gladiator said it best: “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”. And he was absolutely right. 

And so it makes sense to spend life in the company of good people – but remember to choose wisely, as no relationship should be forced.

I think this quote from an unknown author sums it up best: “I’ll remove from my life any toxic people that drain my soul… and I’ll do it quickly! Because life is too short to spend with the wrong people.”

The overriding commitment should always be to present the best possible version of yourself – the version that’s feeling inspired and switched on. After all, everything starts with the Power of One.

Portrait with my tribes. 2012

Finding happiness in freedom

We are worth the sum of our achievements. We start from the beginning, we keep going and we eventually reach the end of the chapter. I’d recommend following these four steps: dream, think, make it happen and celebrate. 

In life, you have to dream while you’re awake, because everything starts with an idea, an image, a dream or a vision.

Then, you have to think about the strategy; you have to plan and design each move creatively. Afterwards, you have to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

The process then concludes with celebration, since you repeat everything that you celebrate. This means that the output – the value that’s created from the process – will be truly liberating. The endpoint is therefore happiness, something to be enjoyed in total freedom.   

Cheers to that!

Together we built Tributo. Headquarters for Bosz Digital (Prodigious), Fusión AV, CanCapital, Ollería and more.

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