Cuando hablamos de Web 2.0, es difícil explicar su alcance y sus posibilidades. En un artículo del 18 de enero incluí un aporte al respecto. Este video, sin embargo, lo hace con SIght, SOund and MOtion, y por ello, lo hace mucho mejor. El desafío, desde luego, es aprovechar todos los nuevos recursos para conectar marcas y personas, en esta era en que la consumidora manda y es ella quien decide.

Mario Morales, gracias mil por el link. Salud!
Acá, el comentario en YouTube del autor del video:

This is a slightly revised and cleaned up version of the video that was featured on YouTube in February 2007.
I considered releasing it as an “eternal beta” in true Web 2.0 style, but decided to let it stand as is and start working on future projects. Many of my future videos will address the last 30 seconds of this video (the “rethink …” part).
Thank you all for the helpful comments on the earlier draft. It has been a great experience to connect with so many people interested in
similar issues.
Once again, there are higher quality versions available for download:
Windows Media File (55 MB):
Quicktime File (96 MB):
Mojiti Version (for comments, translations, etc.):
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. So you are welcome to download it, share it, even change it, just as long as you give me some credit and you don’t sell it or use it to sell anything. I received many more positive comments than negative about the song choice (great work Deus!), but if you are one of those who does not like the song just download the video and change the audio track to your liking.
The video was created by me (Michael Wesch), working alone from my house in St. George, Kansas. I used CamStudio for the screen captures and Sony Vegas for the panning/cropping/zooming animations. Someday I might make a video tutorial for those who are interested. (more) (less)

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