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London, 29th January 2009 – Entrant companies can now submit work to compete at the 56th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in all categories – Film, Press, Outdoor, Direct, Media, Cyber, Radio, Promo, Design, Titanium, Integrated and the new PR Lions category.

Entry forms can be completed online at from today Thursday 29th of January 2009.


Film Lions Entries: 6 March 2009
Press Lions Entries: 6 March 2009
Outdoor Lions Entries: 6 March 2009
Design Lions Entries: 13 March 2009
Direct Lions Entries: 13 March 2009
Media Lions Entries: 13 March 2009
PR Lions Entries: 13 March 2009
Promo Lions Entries: 13 March 2009
Radio Lions Entries: 13 March 2009
Cyber Lions Entries: 20 March 2009
Titanium and Integrated Lions Entries: 20 March 2009

NEW in 2009

New category: PR Lions
As previously announced, PR Lions launches this year honouring the creative use of reputation management by the building and preservation of trust and understanding between individuals, businesses or organisations and their publics. Categories will broadly include Sectors & Services and Technique. Entries will be rewarded for Strategy, Creativity & Originality, Execution and Results. The winners of the first ever PR Lions will be honoured in Cannes on Monday 22nd of June 2009 alongside the Direct and Promo Lions winners.

Changes to Integrated Lions Trophies
As a result of the high increase in the number of Integrated entries competing at Cannes, Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies will be awarded from this year instead of the single Integrated Lion awarded since its launch in 2005.

Titanium Lions remain unchanged with only single Titanium Lion trophies and a possible Titanium Grand Prix being awarded.

Changes to Media Lions
As previously announced, a number of changes will be introduced to the Media Lions section for 2009. These include a revision of the categories, changes to the entry written submission, restructuring the way Media Lions will be judged to reflect the three crucial elements of a piece of media work placing more emphasis on the outcome of each media case, and the credits will acknowledge the Media agency as well as the entrant company.

Changes to Direct and Promo Lions
After further analysis with industry leaders, amendments have been made to the entry submissions and voting criteria of these categories to place more emphasis on the results of the entry.

More ways to enter Digital work
There are new digitally focused categories introduced into Outdoor, Design, Direct, Media and Promo Lions.

For further information about the entry changes and to register to attend the Festival, go to

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