Make Life a Masterpiece

¿Cómo descubrir lo que no se ve?

We Are the Sum of Our Choices

While many people flirt with danger, others are wise and maintain their distance. Some fight to obtain their greatest ambitions, while others choose more conservative paths. We know people who dream and never stop, others that lose their innate ability to dream, and then there are those who dream, think, act, and finally, celebrate.

Environment and circumstances play a role, which is why I can acknowledge that the starting point is not the same, even for identical twins. Decisions made are our own and we can decide on more than we even realize. For this reason, it is crucial to recognize that we can choose to create a work of art painted with each one of the decisions we make in life.

designThe first time I heard this concept it came from Franklin Covey, through our friends Randall Arias and Otto Peraza. We were learning about the seven habits of highly effective people, a route for personal and collective development by Stephen Covey.

Today I stumbled upon a video on YouTube that was presented during those sessions, and since it has already been published on the internet, in several languages, I have taken the liberty of including it here.

The Artisans of Our Souls

Then, only a couple of weeks ago I had an unexpected visit. My dear friend Erwin McManus came to the country and gave me his new book, “The Artisan Soul,” an inspiring manifesto on creativity in human beings.

It proposes that we be artisans of the soul. That we release our vast, God-given creative potential, to make the decision to design our lives as an artist would with their most prized work of art.
Coincidence? I don’t think so, as this is an idea that has resonated throughout the ages. Today we see it in all kinds of formats, so there can be no excuses. The concept is powerful, motivating, provocative and certainly invites us to paint, sculpt, compose, write, and design.

We are called upon to create and make our existence a work of art. Here, Erwin tells us about his new publication.

creativityArt has existed ever since creation was designed. Our lives can and must be a masterpiece, although some may think it is an easy task.

I am reminded of this by a Nike commercial by Wieden & Kennedy: the path to success is paved with failures.

The world awaits for your immense creative potential.

Make it happen!

PS. My dear friend Marcelo Lebendiker shared with me this message by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. You can’t miss it, as it highlights the difference between talents and decisions. To summarize, we are the sum of our decisions.

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