“I Am Not Creative”

I am not creative

Born With Handfuls of  Talent

Throughout the years I have accumulated a good deal of pain after hearing the excessive repetition of the statement: “I am not creative”. A consequence of our surroundings, our education system, upbringing at home, other variables, or bits of all of them. From any possible standpoint, it is by no means wise to coexist with such an image in one’s personal mirror.

We were all been born with handfuls of talent. Even though it could be difficult, every person is accountable for using every breath to bring forward their best efforts and obtain their greatest potential. Finding our voice means homing in on two or three strengths, that essential mine of intrinsic talent, that framework in our reason for existing. However, the challenge to find that voice is very difficult when lacking inspiration, a clear vision, and good company.

For this reason, I have looked for inspiring relationships, books, movies, experiences, and events for years. Getting to know and allowing yourself to be inspired by people who go higher, deeper, further is an idea that makes all the difference. I believe that in the broadest and integral sense, all human beings are born with a massive creative capacity waiting to be unleashed.

One of the most significant experiences in my own journey -a vital source of permanent inspiration- is the International Cannes Lions Festival. I invite you to explore it! It originated as an event for advertising creatives, and this leads many to believe that it is a trade-themed event. However, today there isn’t a single human activity that can escape the imperative and urgent need for innovation. And, as such, creativity is the spark that lights innovation.

The Young Lion

Therefore, dear reader of this corner of cyberspace called “A Fuego Lento”, the least I can do is recommend that you explore the Cannes Lions. Do so as a participant, a consumer a “Young Lion” or as part of whatever profession or trade it may be that you are a part of. It is all online, and when you decide to do so, it will be there waiting for you in the south of France every third week in the month of June.

Only geniuses work alone, the rest of us need help. Therefore, with inspiration revving the engines of your life, I invite you to also explore your immense creative potential, until it detonates into ideas capable of transforming the world. Not only as powerful words but also as an infallible master key concept to open new and promising avenues for expansion and development.

I am personally grateful to God and the opportunity was given to me for decades living in creative surroundings. The world of creative advertising is rich with talented people who have lost the fear of voids, lack vertigo and throw themselves toward the unknown with passion. These are the people who rid themselves a long time ago of the thankless phrase used by many when they say, “I am not creative”.

Thank you to creativity! Thank you for advertising! And to you, thank you for getting this far. And now I invite you to enjoy the inspiration created at Cannes in the following video. Cheers!

Free Translation

“You were born with talent from the very moment you took your first breath.

The difficulty lies in defining who you really are.

You will find inspiration everywhere.

That magic that can both delight and intimidate you at the same time.

The wonderful work that has been done in the past and the possibilities of what is to come are all there…

Playing in your imagination.

The process may be the same. But there is no formula.

Research. Drawings. Sketches. Drafts. Copy and paste.

So much and more to come up with. With so little time.

The due date draws closer. You start to take time.

So that your mind makes the connections.

Those strange and wonderful visualizations, that direct you toward the idea.

Simple and clear.

With every new challenge, you learn a little more and repeat a little less.

You start to discover your own voice. Your creative voice. The first one you hear.

The voice of all your successes, your failures, and the wisdom of your mentors.

There is more of you in every idea. Each piece of work carries your signature.

And with it, you achieve visibility, before others, as if it were the first time.

Thank you, Creativity.”

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