What You Celebrate Repeats Itself

celebrating great achievements qué nos enseña la sele

Celebrate respect,Celebrating great achievements

In your home, your organization, within your company or your team, in your tribe or your club, celebrate everything you want to have repeat itself!

With 95 minutes on the clock, Bryan Ruiz made a masterful assist. The giant that is Kendall Waston imposed his talent and stature, and with an awesome header, scored the goal that qualified us for the World Cup in Russia. The announcer from the local TV station, Teletica, shouted ecstatically “World Cup! World Cup! World Cup!” While the crowd at the stadium could not contain its delighted excitement, bursting out in applause and passionate embraces. The entire country became euphoric from victory and celebration.

Kéndall Waston celebrated euphorically as the national team tied against Honduras at Estadio Nacional in Costa Rica. The year ended with a great achievement. They obtained the desired results and a simple acknowledgment was held in the conference room. With appetizers and a glass of wine, the management team accepted words of praise and received the bonus promised for the goals achieved. The association celebrated and recognized its success.celebrate achievements

Christian Massey recently finished the Dakar Rally and obtained his mission: to finish. His placement didn’t matter, but rather the attainment of a personal goal, which he celebrated greatly. A child brings home a good grade and his parents congratulate him, celebrating his academic achievement.

Celebratory embraces are shared when an election is won. A discovery is made in favor of mankind and it is celebrated with a Nobel Prize. Creative minds in Melbourne complete the most awarded campaign in history and a celebration takes place with Lions in Cannes. Leonardo Di Caprio gets his first Oscar for Best Actor and we applaud in celebration of his merit. An unknown marathon runner achieves her personal goal and celebrates her medal.

Massive Celebration

A celebration is massively important in our lives. To celebrate is to transform. To celebrate is to provoke. To celebrate is to ignite. To celebrate is to be thankful. To celebrate is to recognize. To celebrate is to be generous. To celebrate is humility. To celebrate is essential.

celebrate personal goalIt can come as a pat on the back, a congratulatory email to the entire institution, a parade, or an expression of satisfaction with a nod of the head and eyes bright with recognition. Saying “Congratulations sweetheart,” is a form of celebration. “Thank you for coming with me grandpa,” are words of celebration.

In your home, your organization, your company or team, in your tribe or club, make sure to celebrate everything you want to repeat itself! Celebrate hard work, celebrate failure when it has turned into a lesson, celebrate achievements, celebrate a good attitude, celebrate inclusion, celebrate your faith, celebrate differences, celebrate respect, celebrate openness, celebrate talent, celebrate values, and celebrate more.

What you celebrate will repeat itself!

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