“The Best Job in the World” rompió récords en Cannes con tres Grand Prix en Media, Cyber y Direct, y la semana aún no termina. Así presentaron su inscripción en la cyber:

To raise awareness of Queensland’s Islands of the Great Barrier Reef we
created ‘The Best Job in the World’- a position that sounds too good to
be true, but is a genuine opportunity with Tourism Queensland. We
recruited through online job sites and small display ads, directing
traffic to News of the opportunity spread across
online news sites, forums and blogs. In 56 days had
6,849,504 visits, 47,548,514 page views with an average of 8.62 minutes
spent on the site. 36,648 people from 201* countries applied. And we
received over 450,000 votes for the Wild Card applicant. *Web-coded
countries (only 195 countries are recognised by the UN).

Realmente vale cada minuto de tu tiempo invertido en conocer la integración, la frescura y la innovación en todo el caso realizado en Australia. Su website está en . Go!

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