Hace un par de días coloqué en LinkeIn una pregunta para abrir una discusión. Las respuestas que empiezan a llegar son por mucho, ricas, profundas y constructivas, en una propuesta que nace en la inquietud por balance para más impulso, en equilibrio para más alcance.

Mi pregunta dice: No spirituality, No sustainability. What do you think? Y acá las primeras reacciones:

Great discussion opener, Jorge! But how do we define “spirituality”? It
is tricky to talk about spirituality when religions sometimes feel that
they have a corner on that market. In my opinion, all fundamentalism
(belief that there is only one “right” way to think or live) undermines
sustainability, but interspirituality (belief that all traditions have
basic similar values) facilitates cooperation and sustainability. E.A.

Surperstition is not a way of dealing with a complex problem. D.C.

Wow! It’s been a long time since I saw someone equate spirituality with superstition! That’s quite a leap right there.

My own spirituality has, at it’s core, a deep and fundamental respect
for the planet and all our fellow creatures on it. I don’t preach (God
forbid!!) but if more people felt this and practiced this,
sustainability would not even be an issue today. R.B.


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