Would You Like to Be a Whale Shark?

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There is Always Competition

“I would like to be a whale shark,” exclaimed that wonderful little boy when I asked him to tell me which animal he would have liked to be. Tenderly moved by such a singular response, it didn’t take me long to ask why. And his explanation was even more fascinating and intelligent: “It has no predators.”

I am unaware whether that is entirely true or not, although its accuracy is irrelevant. We did agree that it is not a condition characteristic of people and the world in which we live. In fact, if you are among those of us who watch The Walking Dead -which is of questionable quality in all regards- you may find that even in a world of zombies, the most dangerous threats are human beings.

The Nike brand says that if you have a body, you are an athlete. Likewise, I believe that if you are a person, you have predators. Whatever the conditions that surround you, wholesome or macabre, coming at you from the front or the back, straight in your sights or from where you least expect it, it is important to be aware that you can’t live in a neutral state of “all is well” without being devoured by a lion.

Change is the Key

That’s why, if your business is in the hotel industry, I must warn you that the traditional concept is being threatened by models like Airbnb. If you’re a taxi driver, you will have to keep an eye on the Uber phenomenon and its dizzying leaps and bounds. Travel agencies – on their way to extinction thanks to innovation– could soon become a distant memory, just like any other conventional business or activity.

The Huffington Post is a model of digital publishing success, while Viator, Vayable or Expedia show the speed of change in travel and tourism. While some get up early, others don’t sleep. That’s why it is time to permanently connect to sources of inspiration. Among many others, I invite you to explore XPrize or Cannes Lions, because what you celebrate repeats itself.

innovationIn the case of advertising, the same old ad is no longer enough to support a brand and expect results. The advertising agency is being challenged and has to reinvent itself, otherwise, it will only be a matter of time before it is a distant memory. Remember when you had to have the film developed to get your pictures?

In the advertising arena, Victor & Spoils is a model that has reinvented the traditional ad agency, focusing on talent within the crowds. Meanwhile, in our country, we can see the first few steps towards adaptation from Alma Latina. If it comes down to talent, solutions like Elance will suffice, and you will have to rethink your organization by relying on resources from around the world only a few clicks away.

Innovation or Extinction

To recap, there is no company, candidate, institution, profession, or activity that is exempt from predators, if we can call them that for a moment. In that light, it all comes down to two simple choices: innovation or extinction.

So, for these reasons and many others, to those aspiring to lead a simple and laid-back life, maintaining the same position or activity for 3 years or 3 decades -without threats or risks- I would recommend finding that genie from the magic lamp that can turn them into a whale shark.

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