Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration

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Inspiration at Cannes Lions 2015

Awards to Excellence

The International Creativity Festival Cannes Lions is a name that is no longer enough to describe and adequately name this event. That is why, I believe it offers not a double but a triple shot of inspiration, because it injects and infects forever with only the best.

Some seem to think that it is an award event for advertising creatives, while others consider it is the world of advertising agencies and the brands they submit to satisfy their enormous personal and corporate egos. However, if any of this could be true, it is truly minimal compared with what really happens at Cannes every third week in June.

I invite you to watch the recap of the first day. It only lasts 7 minutes out of seventy hours of content generated at the highest level for any company, any professional or anyone who has a brand. And in my opinion, if we start off from the fact that our name and last name is a brand in itself, then Cannes is for everyone. Let’s watch the highlights.

Tomorrow I will post in this space the recap from the second day. I recommend that you return in order to take the spark and obtain glimpses of an intense day and what 14,000 people can create located in a small city in the south of France. There are more than 40,000 contest entries, aside from seminars, workshops, talks, concerts, and presentations of all kinds.

This is a brief summary of the second day at Cannes Lions.

(I am allowing this space for the video summary on the third day as well)

As if this weren’t enough, Cannes is open to transmitting live on the internet, including talks and sharing everything. Thus, presentations and seminars happening minute by minute, only a few clicks away. At the end of Lions Health, Garnier BBDO will return to Costa Rica with a Bronze Lion, the first medal for this season. Congratulations! We expect to see more awards and are optimistic at this Cannes Lions that keeps our level of adrenaline at its highest.

For example, let’s take a look at one of the Gold Lions awarded today:

A good one for stadiums, bringing moms in to look after the fans.

Every year we should plan on reading inspiring books, spend time with inspiring people, cultivate inspiring friendships and relationships, watch inspiring movies, travel to inspiring places, attend inspiring events and thus manage to live at the highest level of inspiration.

This is how we will be able to focus on our passions and achieve the best in ourselves, at the service of others.

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration…

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