¿Habrás visto este comercial de Nike?

Pasá adelante y echale un vistazo, que bien vale el click adicional. ¿Palabras mías? Sobran. Ésta es la descripción en Youtube: This was originally a Versus advert aired in 2009 however after many requests to remove the bull riding and hunting and make it…well…MORE inspirational, I decided to take it upon myself and get creative by putting a Nike spin on it.

Of course I can’t take credit for the music or speech choice, that was put together by Radical Media…but I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think. Please rate and comment if you enjoy.

For the fans as requested.

Footage courtesy of Versus and Radical Media (thanks Pab), Wieden and Kennedy and Nike, Voice over courtesy of John Doman, Music courtesy of Explosions in the Sky.

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