English is not my native language. Yo hablo Español.
In fact, when speaking or writing in Inglés, I often make mistakes and simply mess everything up. Hago un desmadre, we would say in many of our countries. I simply speak this foreign language and get to find a way to make myself understood, and with certain ease, also misunderstood. (I also do this in Español, anyway). Es un atrevimiento, however, I truly believe we must all be a bit daring. Don´t you think?
Having said this, I will not write in English except every once in a while, maybe una vez or twice every now and then. However, in the near future, you´ll find a few articles I’ve written in the past, simplemente, translated to English by someone else, in order to achieve major reach. Yes, to you the English speaking reader. And hopefully, for the amigo or amiga that will eventually drop a comment or two. Would you mind?
If you take a look at my blog, you`ll find fewer comments than you might find in many other blogs in, let´s say, a bit more open societies. Is this a reflection of our culture? I have no idea. In the meantime, my friend, it´s simply fun to write in a space like this, free, fun, light, joyfull, with true and honest respect to you and everyone.
So, welcome to this new section in A Fuego Lento, an experiment fun to fuel with ideas and thoughts, mine and yours.
English Spoken. También.

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